Delegate your talented young colleagues to the 2022/23 program!

What you gain by delegating:

· automatic participation option for the delegated participant

· full participation in all elements of the program

· the choice of the mentor is subject to the permission of the delegating company


In case of application after July 1, 2022: HUF 650,000 + VAT

Become a professional partner of the Talent Plantation program!

  • appearance on program-related online and offline interfaces, leaflets,

  • connection to practice-oriented, up-to-date knowledge, and ambitious workforce

  • assignment of in-house project work (24-48 hours/ 3 months), on which they can work together with certain participants – an opportunity to create mutual sympathy

  • opportunity to view the application materials submitted by the selected participants

  • participation in some key events of the Talent Plantation



Downloadable information about Talent Plantation 2022/23 program.

Application form downloadable.