Interview with 2017’s program participants

Tell us about how did you find this program and what convinced you to apply?

Fanni Maya Kormos: “Talent Plantation came into my life really quickly. It is typical of me that I saw the advertisement only 3 or 4 days before the deadline and I hesitated for at least an hour If I should apply or not because of the short time frame. Finally, I decided I was interested enough not to let this chance pass, and it turned out to be a very good decision! Primarily the training programs and topics caught my attention because I am interested in these kinds of topics and earlier I participated in another talent program as well. However, this one was a really different experience for me, especially because it was more private and elaborated and because of small group we could pay more attention to each other and of course the trainers also had a closer relationship with us.”
Julianna Oláh: “In this program the most important thing for me was that it offered practical knowledge and learning environment as opposite of university practice. First, I had expected a simple training series, but I received much more: professional mentor, community, cheer, motivation and such great courses that surpassed all my expectations.”
Bálint Antal: “What I liked the most was that the program included many topics which after all were about self-knowledge (personal communication style, leadership attitude, personality typology). For me that was attractive, because I think people know the less about themselves and they don’t have the courage to answer questions like these.”

Which training module did you like the most?

Ádám Jakab: „My favorite module was the negotiation techniques. The simulation game was very educational. It was interesting to see what other negotiating partners achieved owing to their personalities and their assessment of the situation. This also highlighted how important can be the words we use in a certain situation.”
Gábor Ölveti: “My favorite training module was the career management where we talked about the career anchors theory. This one gave meg a good basis for understanding my inner motivations better and also helped to plan the next steps to develop a career that best suits me.”
Claudia Rossi: „My favourite modules were the performance management and time management modules, because I gained new and practical knowledge that I could use in my everyday life. These have given basis and solution to an actual problem of mine!”

Why was this program useful for you? What did you get out of it?

István Kozma: “In my opinion no matter what kind of position you work, it is always useful to have a knowledge of character and deeper understanding of others and it’s even more useful to know ourselves and have a good level of self-knowledge. It makes many situations easier if we understand how our decisions affect us. What is more, this program not only give self-knowledge and knowledge of character but also tools to handle different situations in life. How we should communicate our thoughts in different situations, to different kinds of people to be able to cooperate effectively, or in other cases how can we claim our own will. The Talent Plantation program gives insight to these areas among others which we can build on and further develop.”
Boglárka Lipka: “The Talent Plantation program has given me great new friends, huge advantage on the labour market and lot of laughter, knowledge and experience – that is why I can offer it to everybody.”

Would you offer this program to other? If so, why?

Bence Varga: “I have a very clear and logical argument why I would definitely offer this program to others: my expectations have maximally been accomplished. During the training modules I acquired useful competencies that I can apply in my business life as well, and I became a member of a highly qualified community, whose members think of their future similarly as I do.”
Dóri Fábi: “I definitely offer this program to everybody, especially for those ambitious youngsters who want to do more, become more and want to leave a mark. This program gives a great opportunity to grow regarding certain soft skills and also in terms of professionally relevant topics. If you know you want more, or later you want to work as a leader, maybe start and run your own business, this is program is for you! Besides the valuable knowledge you can also build your network, you can have a mentor, you can work on a project of your choice and you can add a lot to your personal development!”

What would you suggest to those who are interested but unsure if they should apply?

Laura Tóth: “Do not hesitate to apply! If you know about yourself, that you want to be more than average, this program is for you! Applying to this program meant stepping out of my comfort zone for me too, but by doing it I became more confident! The best thing in Talent Plantation is no matter which area of life or which discipline you come from, you will be part of a community, whose members are as ambitious as you are. In this atmosphere and with these high-quality trainings the development is guaranteed!”