– It is hard to find the right people for open positions – their recruitment and integration requires lot of resources and usually their long-term loyalty is also questionable.
– Motivating and engaging the younger generation is a new challenge we are facing. After finishing university, the lack of workplace skills usually makes the joint work and effective cooperation harder.
– As a partner of our program you will have chance to get acquainted with ambitious young talents who are willing to go the extra mile to become better in what they do and grow worthy of being a leader later on. They perfect their skills and expertise in model situations and practical games during the training series given by us to be able to function as authentic and efficient leaders.
– Being a partner, you can have access to the application materials of our participants, meet them in person, give them projects to work on and follow their development through the program.
– What does Talent Plantation offer for Professional Partners?
› appearance on related offline and online platforms and advertisements
› relationship with practice oriented, ambitious workforce who have fresh knowledge
› access to the received application materials
› opportunity to participate in the preselection of applicants
› opportunity to participate in the Development Center for the applicants
› appearance at the “Professional Club” occasions
› opportunity to participate in the final event of Talent Plantation